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Red Dot and Weird Taste in gum above Wisdom Teeth

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Apr 20, 2023
Hi Everyone!

This morning I’ve noticed that I had a small red dot above my wisdom teeth. Only one of them and I am bit concerned with what this is, or could be? I’ll attach some pictures, they’re not the greatest of quality but hopefully you will be able to help. Thanks everyone! 7A6D26A4-719B-4BAE-BCF4-89522B325C4E.jpeg


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Looks like a little blood blister. Probably from trauma while you were eating. It should disappear in a day or two, if it lasts more than a week get it looked at by a dentist.
@Gordon thank you for your reply, it makes sense as I’m eating on that side far more frequently (temp filling on other molar waiting for RCT next week). It did actually subsided throughout yesterday and today, so think I need to be a bit more patient! Thanks either way 👍🏻