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Red gums from chewing with only front teeth?



Nov 26, 2019
I have been eating this past 5 months using only my front teeth for chewing because my molars have been going through several dental work (extractions, fillings, curettage...etc). The gums on my bottom teeth are very receded, specially at the back side (not mobile) but the color was pink and don't bleed. In the last couple of months my gums are becoming red in the back side of these teeth, from canine to canine. It's not a bright red, it's more like a very diffuse reddish edge. The gums in my upper teeth are very red but I had a very old bridge there and poorly hygiene for many years so I hope this will improve in the next months...

Is it possible that my gums in the bottom teeth are becoming reddish because chewing and eating only with my front teeth in these past 5 months? I have to add that I have a great overbite and crowded teeth. I just wonder why I have red gums on the front side on my upper front teeth and red gums on the back side on my bottom teeth. My mouth is a complete mistery for me :confused: