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Redid filling now all front teeth hitting and when chew front canines hurt really bad after.



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Jan 13, 2024
So a week ago I got a filling replaced. Dentist said filling was likely high so to come back if so. It was high but he was closed for 4 days. I could eat on side with out filling just fine and so I waited until he was back in the office. During the second adjustment when he was shaving the tooth it felt very nervy. After adjusting the tooth I started having a lisp and my canines hurt tremendously after chewing (like throb for hours). I also just can’t chew right at all. I called and asked about tiis and they said things should calm down and booked me for an appointment for a week later. Could this all be happening because bite is to high or does it sound like he shaved down my real tooth?
I have to say I have terrible dental fear from a previous situation of a dentist not getting my bite right after fillings. I went in 12 times and she just could not figure it out and I had to go to a new dentist who ground my entire mouth down until my teeth fit together again. At that point I had silver fillings (still do) and he ground those down too. The next morning I woke up and couldn’t walk. My doctors thought that vapor of the silver fillings caused an immune system over response. After many doctors I was diagnosed with Epstein Barr. It took me years to heal and now here we are again. I am very upset at my dentist for not trying harder because he knows my history. I’m almost feeling as though maybe my current dentist is either sloppy or not capable? Or is it me? Is there some way I am biting that is making it hard for dentists to figure out my bite?
@Gordon That’s bad news. Would I better off with some kind of specialist? I have had one filling done since that whole crazy episode and she got it on the first try. Maybe I should go back to her.
Not yet, go back to your dentist first and take it from there, they can refer you to an appropriate specialist in your area.
I’m feeling untrusting of my dentist. Now that I’ve really think about it I had a molar and a filling done with out any bite issues after and my dentist seems not really focused on getting me good to go. So I’m actually not always someone that is super sensitive to change in bite. When I left the first time he was like listen you will probably have to come in for an adjustment. When I left last time I told him my bite wasn’t right and he said lets let your tooth relax some and see. Is this me over reacting or is this a philosophy in approaching the bite?
@Tgsa Hi there, My name is Kamy Baker. I was a dental chairside for over 36 years. Can I just say this to help ease your mind? Your bite is off, still need to adjust if the throbbing doesn't die down with some Tylenol. The bite rocks the teeth in the sockets and that stretches the ligaments that are attached. It's like a muscle pull on a micro level. I hope your healing great. Good luck to you.
@KamyB Hi Kamy! Thank you so much! That calmed me down a ton! Thank you!
I went to the dentist today and he said my bite is fine and it’s just my jaws response to having a high filling for 4 days?? I just don’t think this sounds right? When I had an issue before the second my filling was fixed my entire jaw and everything calmed down immediately. Since getting this filling I can’t sleep either. My jaw and neck and teeth hurt so bad lying down I just can’t sleep. To think I went from a fully functioning eating, pain free athlete to not being able to chew, constant neck, teeth, jaw pain and mot being able to sleep anymore with one filling and they are telling me it’s fine?? I’m so concerned.
Well, how wide were you opened for the filling, did they give you a mouth prop to rest your teeth on while drilling? Your TMJ (google it) can get inflamed from over extending your muscles. Since the bite is corrected then the other is musculature. Hot and Cold helps and taking Tylenol for the pain. Give it time to rest and massage your neck. Now, do you clench your teeth? At night while resting, humans clench their teeth, releasing stress's of the day. It's true. Look into a NightGuard to wear at night. A custom fit. That might just help you out. I wear one at night with my CPAP machine and I do good.
So, I hope this was good advice. I would tell you this if I was assisting the Doctor.
Having a hot tooth prior to getting it fixed is bad enough. That alone can set off a nerve. Anti inflammatory meds can help. There's things that could happen from treatment to a tooth that no one expects to arise. Did you have an x- ray of that tooth and nothing showed at the root tip then your options are to wait and see if it calms down on its own. Time, sucks when you have a tooth ache.
Hope all goes well and you finally sleep good. Have a good day.
I figured out what the heck is going on today when I asked for the picture of my tooth before it was worked on. Well the one that’s totally ground down is my tooth now….. seems sad he drilled my good tooth away and frankly I feel like now it’s obvious what has happened to my bite.


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These are a "composite" fillings. Was the filling in there a temporary before? In my opinion (and I'm not a dentist), you probably should have a crown on it. You've got a good substructure for a crown now. If you are clinching your teeth? Nightguard to protect the bite and your jaw. These fillings are great, they hold the tooth together but, actual tooth structure are on 4 cusps..the rest is filling.. it may need a crown in the future. Good luck but it sure looks pretty.
Ok good info. Do you think the lack of any tooth structure in the middle of the tooth could be contributing to the bite issues ever since it was filed down?
Every time a tooth is worked on, the nerve becomes "irritated" on a micro level. Closer the bur is to it, the thinner the distance between "build up" and inflamed blood supply. The tooth lays down its own type of protection by walling off the nerve, but if the nerve is to close? It gets angry. A crown disperses grinding of the teeth. Better for the nerve of the tooth to heal on it's own over time.
I hope this makes since.
Crowns are expensive with or without insurance coverage. Good luck my friend.
The white filling, is a build up material. I recognize it! Is that what your walking around with? Is the other photo the finished filling because your cusp tips are thin. You go easy on this tooth ok? If it doesn't calm down and get back to normal and quietly functional...Check the nerve and see if it's over the edge. This is the "shit happens" moment that a patient hates to hear. When a good kind hearted Dentist looks at you and says, "It may need a root canal." "down the road". Don't panic! :naughty: Just take some Tylenol and stay off it till it calms down. Don't forget about a nightguard. They work if they're done right. Good luck.