Redness Around Crown



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Jun 17, 2021
Hi there,

I had a crown fitted about two years ago now and immediately noticed that there was a red ring around the bottom like soreness or irritation and it did feel sore too. I had assumed it was because of the trauma fitting a crown and that it would go away. About a month later I went back to have it checked as it was much too high for my bite and so they ground it down. The dentist never mentioned the redness so I just assumed this was normal. Two years on it’s still there, and maybe is a little worse too, still a little sore on occasion. I always assumed this was just a normal thing since I never had a crown before and the dentist didn’t say anything.

I’ve not been treated in the best way by health professionals and so I tend to just put up with it out of fear of not being listened too again, especially as every time I mention it once it gets dismissed and so I don’t bring it up again. I also tend to prolong going to the dentist because of anxiety, other health issues and now covid has me absolutely paralysed with going anywhere so I was wondering if someone knew what was causing this?

Another thing to note is that I have a tooth in front of the one with the crown that also has the redness and is very sore but I think this is definitely caused by plaque as I can see a lot of plaque on the tooth but haven’t been able to sort it because of covid. Not only that the dentist themselves are always so reluctant to do deep cleans despite the fact my teeth are in constant bad condition and plaque builds up so easily. So anyway, the redness around the crown could also be due to plaque I guess but there isn’t any visible there like on the tooth in front of it, in fact it feels smooth and clean in comparison.

Hope someone can help me, thank you!


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Oct 25, 2005
Could be that there's a bit of cement left around the crown that's causing the irritation.

Best get it looked at it's not great to leave it like that for too long.