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Redness around dental implant healing cap



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Oct 8, 2017
Hi all,

Today is the day 7 of my dental implant. I'm due to remove my stitches tomorrow. There isn't any pain or swelling. I only took painkiller till day 3 as there isn't much pain.

I cleaned my teeth as per usual but avoid cleaning my surgery site by till yesterday. I will just use a syringe filled with salt water and flush out any excess food that's stuck near the stitches or on the stitches itself. Or, I'll use an interdental brush and gently try and get those food out of the stitches.

Yesterday, I noticed thst there's some redness on the gum around the healing cap on the buccal side. I texted the clinic and the nurse mentioned that she will check with my dentist but have yet to get back to me about it. It's worrying me as I know there isn't any redness from day 1 to 5.

There isn't any swelling or pain. Just redness on the gumline around the healing cap.

Could it be that I'm not brushing it hence there's redness as there's inflammation caused by food? So, I mastered up the courage and gently brush the healing cap yesterday and today morning with a baby toothbrush.

Hopefully I can get some answer from my dentist tomorrow during stitches removal. I hope that it's not gonna result in any failure of implant.

Anybody here experience the same things?


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