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relative analgesia (inhalation sedation)



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Feb 16, 2009
hi, ive just been to see my dentist for root canal treatment, and i was really distressed at the prospect, but now after having r.a (laughing gas) i wouldnt worry about further treatment ever again!!!! im terrified of the dentist beyond belief, but now, well if i can have inhalation sedation...... BRING IT ON!!! It was enjoyable????? And i never thought i would EVER say that!!!!:yay:TRY IT, AND YOU WILL AGREE WITH ME!!
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i have to say i didnt like the gas, it wasnt so much the snout like thing they put on my nose it was more the feeling it gave my nose and the smell ,it just reminded me of the stuff they gave you to knock you out when i was a kid and i demanded they remove it lol

maybe if i stuck to it longer i would have enjoyed it but i didnt like the first part so decided against it lol