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Removal of teeth/Serious Mental Health Problems



Junior member
Jan 5, 2010
I am 22 and have been diagnosed with Boderline Persolality Disorder with Hyper-vigilance and Depression. My BPD causes my to have quite extreme and unusual phobias and compulsions. One of these is the phobia things touching the back of my mouth/tongue (causing the gagging which sets off my phobia of being sick, which all in turn is a vicious circle of panic attacks). Even brushing my teeth brings on a panic attacK so now my teeth are in a poor state, at the back teeth have completely rotted away, my wisdom tooth has come through broken and there are various holes, the teeth are also very thin.
It is not so much the fear of the dentist, as i know i could be sedated, it is just i hate the thought of the teeth being treated, treated and treated, and still being left with a gap, i would just rather remove them all (atleast all the back ones) and replace them with something, that i would not be able to feel. I could not cope with dentures, as again, having something at the back of my mouth.
I currently have a sort of tooth shaped/coloured thing attached to the remainder of a tooth that was removed. I love the fact that it is there but i cannot feel it, it doesnt not feel part of my body and does not make me feel anxious or depressed. That is how i want my whole mouth to feel. I am always in pain and i am just so aware of my teeth and i cannot describe how much i just do not want them.

I am signed off work and on incapacity benefit, this does not make me eligble for free dental care and to remove just one of my damaged teeth it is going to cost me over £100, as i need to be sedated. Even after this i would just be left with a gap, which i already have one of from a tooth being removed at the student dentist hospital.

So what im asking, is can i remove my teeth and have fake, permanent ones put in, and what is a ball park of how much it would cost? Also, is there any financial support because of my condition and anxietys attached?

I would rather do it all and get it done, even if i had to get a loan.


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May 28, 2009
SW Herts
Hi KitKat, I'm sorry to hear about all your dental problems. I'm not really sure what you could have that would not feel like a denture, other than implants, and of course they are very expensive as I think they are only available privately.

If you are in the UK you could ask to see a Community Dentist as I believe anyone who suffers with mental health problems, as I do also, is entitled to see them and be treated free of charge. However I'm not sure how much work can be done free. There is a link on this forum somewhere for the phone number of your local Primary Care Trust and they should be able to tell you where your nearest Community Dentist is based. I used to see one years ago and he was so good, he would even come to my house and do treatment there.

I'm sure someone else on here with more knowledge of dental work will be able to understand what 'tooth shaped' thing you have right now is, sorry I could not be of more help to you.