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Removal of Wisdom Tooth



Junior member
Jan 10, 2010
I just thought I would share my sucess story with everyone, this site has helped me. I went today to get my wisdom tooth extracted because it was broken on the gum line. I was nervous the night before but I kept telling my self that I can do this. So this morning finally arrrived and I sat in chair and I could feel butterflies in my stomach, so my dentist decided to give me nitros, first they place on you being to immediate feel warm and relaxed. then he came in and numb my mouth before inj me with novicane....NO PAIN at all. I never felt the injections. Then he start talking to me about some tv show, then said u might feel some pressure so I gripped the side of the chair with my hands waiting to feel pressure......and I felt NOTHING, it took a whole 2 min to removed no stitches, very little swelling. I just took some advil and I ice and I feel great. Iam soo glad I did it. i am no longer afraid of the denist.
Awesome to hear! :)

I go in for 2 non impacted wisdom tooth extraction Friday. Valium, nitros and novacaine. Dentist said it is pretty routine so I hope it will be easy like yours!!
Congratulations! So glad it went well for you. :jump: Was it a top wisdom tooth?
Yes it was the top wisdom tooth. I just had nitros and that worked great, so if u r taking a valium with it u should be fine

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