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removing an immediate denture/partial for the 1st time...



Junior member
May 28, 2010
So I got a partial denture with 1 lovely new front tooth on it put in yesterday after the extraction...now as I was in LaLaLand after IV sedation I have no recollection of the days events...

I am not planning on removing it today as the care-notes say wait 24 hours at least...

I am hesitant to remove it all actually as there is still a little dribble of blood coming from the site...

Should I get a gauze pad and bit on it for a while do you think?

Just wondering when did you all remove the immediate denture for the first time and what happened?...was it stuck to your gum did it pull the blood clot out is it tricky to remove?...I am a total novice with this partial denture thing and never though to ask these questions before I went bye-byes.

I know i can ask my lovely dentist but I figured you people would have been there and done that already so I am interested to know your experiences.

thanks so much
Hi, I had an immediate partial last january.
I kept it in for the first night,as instructed, then took it out the next morning, no problems.
It was not stuck or anything, it feels good to give your mouth a rinse in salt water.
Dont worry you will get used to it very quickly.
One thing I did find, after having a front tooth out, lots of strange feelings around my nose, a numbness & funny feeling each time I blew it. This actually lasted a long time, so dont worry if it happens to you!!
Mine is completely ok now, but it took at least a couple of months for it to gradually go.
I have now been fitted with a Maryland bridge, are you going that route after healing?
Hope this helped
Thanks Leggy..
I do have quite an odd feeling at the base of my nose and the underside of my lip in the middle...I assume there was a couple of needles popped in there.
I fiddled around gently and tried to dislodge this partial but didn't want to force it and was probably being too gentle so I reckon just to be safe I will pop back to the Dentist and let them show me how to get it out...I can half get the suction loosened sort of but ...mmm...dont want to risk breaking the thing either...all signs of any bleeding have now stopped so thats good and my mouth taste better now.

Not sure yet what route I will take, I am leaning slightly towards a fancier partial as I have a few other missing back/side teeth that would be bale to go on a denture as well...Implants would be my ultimate choice but I have yet to win lotto. I have not explored bridges much but I have much homework to do on the subject of replacement teeth.

Is there anything you would like to share about the bridge?

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