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removing bottom teeth before top



Junior member
Jan 6, 2023
Hello! After years of fear, I made an appointment to start the denture process. My dentist has been taking out the teeth in increments so now I'm left with 5 on the top and 5 on the bottom. I have an appointment to take out the 5 on the bottom before the 5 on the top and I'm worried about being able to talk with just the top teeth. My job is patient facing and phone work with a lot of talking. I have rescheduled my appointment a few times because of this. Any tips or suggestions on how to deal? I can't keep pushing this off now that I've started.

Thanks :)
Confused. Are you getting immediate dentures fitted at the extraction appointment? Wearing false teeth against natural teeth is very difficult, a complete lower denture against natural upper teeth would be very very difficult.

If you aren't getting a denture then you'd probably manage to talk OK without lower teeth but would struggle a bit without any... having said that, I once was idly passing a big demonstration with a fairly well known politician addressing the crowd.

He very discreetly removed his false teeth (top and bottom) before delivering a real "fire and brimstone" address to the crowd, speaking/shouting very clearly and then he discreetly slipped his teeth back in for photos at the end :) So I guess you never know...
@Gordon Unfortunately (or fortunately in this situation?) I am not able to get immediates so I will be without until they're made.

That story is both terrifying and amazing lol, but I love that. Thank you for helping to ease my anxiety a little bit. The way that my appts have been scheduled, I should have the top removed about a week later so hopefully that time and discomfort won't be too bad

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