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Removing flipper



Junior member
Sep 1, 2023
Rhode Island
Need some hints on how to remove my flipper? I'm only on day 2, with surgery coming up in 5 days. Dental assistant said to get fingernail under it and pull down. I barely have fingernails and three broke off so far getting it out last night. #8 Front tooth, so must wear it during the day. When I try to pull down, I feel like I'm pulling out all my other teeth (or that flipper will break). I'm resolved about not enjoying food for months (hoping to drop some pounds) but the panic that surrounds my trying to remove it, makes it harder to accomplish. When it finally came out, I was sure I'd find another tooth had come with it! Any and all suggestions welcome. Thx
1) Take your time and don't panic!
2) Get a mirror and some light in there so you can see what you're doing
3) Don't use a lot of force, breaking fingernails force is far too much!
4) Don't try to pull it straight down and out, usually they need to be sort of wiggled around from one side to the other to rock them out. Sometimes tipping from the back first will help.

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