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Removing OTC Temporary Filling



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Aug 17, 2012
Hi all, I have an appointment tomorrow to look at/hopefully fix a cracked molar. No pain, but I can feel the hole (lost filling) and crack. I have been using an OTC temporary filling to protect the area until I was brave enough to go in. Well, tomorrow is the day I guess.

Should I be worried about having the temporary filling in? Should I try to brush it out tomorrow or just leave it safely in there? I don’t want the dentist scrapping it off, so I’m very torn.

Thoughts? Recommendations?
Leave it alone, and what they did to schedule it. They are highly trained and see people with temporary fillings regularly and can handle it without causing any more damage to your tooth. If you try to take it out you can’t cause more damage resulting in the tooth not being able to be saved and have to be extracted
When part of my filling came off, and I put a temporary filling in, I left it in when I went to my appointment. The dentist removed it easily, without pain.
As long as it's an OTC temporary filling and not a DIY temporary filling, the dentist should not have any issues removing it the gentle way. It might be a good idea to tell them what product you used, so they know what they are working with.
Thank you everyone! It is called Temparin Max found in most stores. The stuff is great. Honestly too great. Makes me feel like I never needed to go... ?

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