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Removing teeth broken at the gumline

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Mar 27, 2006
Hi, I have actually 3 teeth in the back 1 wisdom and 2 molars that are either broken to gum line or some of it broken to the gum line. I need them extracted. I am kinda afraid of them needing to be pulled. How would they pull them if they are to the gum line?
We've been over this before. It's usually MUCH EASIER to remove a tooth that's rotted to the gumline than a more intact tooth. The bit of the tooth above the gumline just gets in the way.

I know that lay people think we grab hold of the crown of the tooth and pull it out, but that's NOT how it's done, so the crown being missing is not an issue.


Cracked Molar Extraction

I am scheduled for a molar exraction.

It is half broken near gumline.

My question is, is it easier to extract my tooth since it is cracked near gum line or much difficult?

Most likely how long will it take for the extraction?

Thank you very much for your time.
Probably a bit easier. We should really have this as a FAQ :)

Hard to give a time without seeing it, different dentists work at different speeds too. In my hands, I'd expect 30 secs to 2 mins for a routine extraction. Plus time for anaesthetic to work etc.
I just had an extraction of a tooth which was broken near the gumline and it took the dentist about two mins. Easy peasy, I should have had it done alot earlier.
I just had an extraction of a tooth which was broken near the gumline and it took the dentist about two mins. Easy peasy, I should have had it done alot earlier.

Did yours hurt more or less than if you had the whole tooth removed? Cause I have the same situation and I keep postponing it thinking they will have to cut my gum to take the roots out :(
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i have had both a regular extraction of a molar, and a surgical extraction. i would say both options aren't too bad. when i had a regular extraction done, the molar underneath of it broke because of the force needed to get it out. the surgical extraction i got numbed and he sectioned it and cut it out. no force or pulling hard. i had a few stiches, but they weren't bad either.
i would say they healed at about the same rate. so really..i wouldn't worry too much about it. just let the dentist do what they think is the best way. :)
good luck!
hi all
I've had a cracked molar surgically extracted on wednesday- today is the worst day so far, pain and swelling - can anyone tell me when I'll be able to eat on that side ? Its upper left side. Feeling v sorry for myself today!

Hopefully it should be improving by tomorrow. Are you taking painkillers on a nice regular routine? Alternating paracetamol and ibuprofen every 3-4 hrs (when you're awake) is pretty effective.
Hi all,

I've just come across this forum, and I am so glad to have found it.

I have a fear of the dentist, I'm not really sure why to be honest, but my mum has always been scared and I think seeing her fearful when I was younger has made me that way.

I went to the dentist fairly regularly as a kid and I only have one filling.

A few years ago I was undergoing treatment on one of my back teeth, I needed a root canal. My dentist started the work, but before it was finished I could not afford to go back and so it was never completed.

The remaining tooth recently broke off and I now have found a few dentist. I went to see him a few weeks ago and I am booked in to have it extracted on monday, it can't be saved because it is broken pretty much at the root, although I do have some sharp edges sticking up.

1) I feel sick with worry that he is going to need to cut my gum to remove it. Is that so?.. From reading this thread I feel a little more reassured, but I'm still not confident.

2) Will it be hard to remove because there is nothing for him to grab, to remove it?

3) Also.. Will he numb my mouth, even though I have the beginnings of a root canal on that tooth? I hope so.. I'm so frightened!

Please if someone who knows about this can reassure me, I would appreciate it.

Many thanks.:(
1) Probably not.
2) No, it's usually easier
3) Absolutely he'll numb your mouth
hiya im new

i have i believe what you would term a retained root removal coming up in a week or two

its one of my upper right , i believe its called, first premolar

the crown or tooth that was there isnt there (barely) its black , lost long ago, and with my tongue i can feel like 2mms of the white tooth left (so not alot) and i wish for the black and the root to be gone. above this tooth in the gum line is a lump, abscess i believe. dormant. years ago it used to be more painful and kickout bad stuff but for the last year or two its just a lump , that i guess is connected to the root? it does emit a feeling(pain) if i were to prod the lump. and chewing on the blackness does hurt , so i dont. ( the lumps quite big/you can run your finger tip over it/ always relays a pressure type pain, been there for years/ above the gum line) im very confident its related to this tooth rotting away in the past). the dentist says, dentists have to advise that the black areas should be treated. which is fine. but if i get sepsis im dead. i just need to know the ins and outs. its been dormat and just a black socket on the gum line for years.

ive never had this type of treatment before, just the usual fillings, normal extractions. basic root canal.

im scared as hell , im type 1 diabetic. fit strong 28 male.

i will make sure i tell her of the lump prior to her starting treatment.

i fear sepsis. i mean, if i get that, thats me done with, as type 1 weakens my immune system to begin with...

im hoping someone can advise

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Hi alexs47,

The good news is a single retained root which has had localised infection around it for years is one of the easiest extractions you can have. They tend to pop out in seconds on the whole.
The chances of getting sepsis from this procedure, even taking into account your diabetes are infinitesimally small.
Go for it, I am absolutely convinced you will be very pleasantly surprised.

Thank you for such a fast detailed/response. There is basically no tooth there, just like 1mm left tiny outer edge part spike, the rest is a black socket/ rest of the root being inside the gum line. I presume they will drill it out? or some how pop it out?
When dentists extract teeth, they never apply pressure or grip the bit that is visible in the mouth or the tooth will just snap. When the jaw is numb, we grip or apply pressure to the bit under the gum. The instruments slide between the tooth and the jaw bone.
I love extracting retained roots because they come out so easy and all the patients thinks they will be hard because "there is nothing to get hold off" So when they pop out in seconds they all think I am a much better dentist than I actually am!!!!!
ahahaha! Thank you! :)
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