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Reoccuring infection on root canaled tooth



Jan 30, 2009
Hi there,

I had a root canal done on #26 nearly 3 weeks ago. After the rct was done, i was put on clyndamicyn for 7 days since I was still feeling soreness/pain at the top of the gumline above that tooth and at the corner of my nose. Tooth was sensitive as well.

Infection cleared up on day 6 of clyndamicyne. I thought it was gone for good. now, a week later, I can feel its about to flare up again.. I sometimes feel pain in my cheek but it goes as fast as it came. I cant take it anymore. It took me all my strenght to go throught the RCT and now it wont heal???

I know I will probably have to call the dentist again but i just cant. What can i except at this point? Would it be worth to try another course of clyndamicyn? I was put on antibitics twice before the root canal since the dentist couldnt numb the tooth enought to proceed. Oh, and even after all those antibiotics, during the actual procedure she had to inject me INSIDE :o:o:o the tooth to numb it as there was still a bit of infection in it.

I guess I should mostly be posting in the support section as I really need some but...i would really appreciate an expert advice. Would another course of clyndamicyn be appropriate or is it time to move to another procedure...like apectomy or extraction?

Many thanks..

Icandoit :cry:


Staff member
Verified dentist
Oct 25, 2005
Another course of Clindamycin would be really silly IMO, nothing to be gained from it...

The options are either to wait a bit longer and see what develops, or refer to a specialist endodontist for re-root treatment or apicectomy or extraction.