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Replacement Bridge Under NHS



Junior member
Sep 1, 2021

I’m a 53 year old male amputee, housebound and confined to a wheelchair, who suffers from anxiety and depression.

I had a single (front large upper right incisor) tooth bridge cemented to the adjoining teeth approximately 6 months ago. Unfortunately, it was causing/radiating pain along the right upper side of my mouth above my teeth, so he removed it after a week or so, and suggested a dental implant. As far as I’m aware, there is nothing wrong with my upper right teeth.

The implant costs 1800GBP!!!

Under the NHS, am I allowed to have a second try at a bridge, so to speak, as the first one may have been ill-fitted, or even a fraction too big, causing the aforementioned pain?

Ultimately, the huge gap is only making my anxiety worse, and my depression, deeper.

Im due to see him Friday, August 3, at 1530 and would apprecite your advice.

Thank you.

NB I'm under my GP for said anxiety snd depression.
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Verified dentist
Oct 25, 2005
Need more information.

Did the pain go after the bridge was removed?
What kind of bridge was it?
Were the teeth next to the bridge prepared or was it an adhesive bridge?
Was there any attempt at adjusting the bridge or was it simply removed immediately? Were you not offered some kind of denture as a temporary measure?

The NHS will provide another bridge if you're suitable, however getting this dentist to do it will be a challenge, they would need to justify to the NHS what went wrong with the first one, they'd also be likely to be doing the work for free, which I doubt they'll be keen on doing.
Are you able to find another dentist for a second opinion?