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Replacing a dental implanted bridge question?


[email protected]

Junior member
May 7, 2008
I have a dental bridge for three teeth that is supported by two implants. I have had the bridge for 10 years and never had an issue. I recently had a pano xray while having my teeth cleaned. Nothing was said to me about the implants or infection. I am having some discomfort around one implant and I am worried there is infection and I will need to have the implant removed and a new bridge made. My question is would I need to have both implants removed if only one is infected? I am not sure if both implants need to be the same to put on a new bridge. I am assuming the bridge will have to be remade.
I had an upper implant and sinus lift last week and on the top and had zero pain after the procedure. However, the same day of my sinus lift/implant procedure after the numbing went away that's when the bottom implant that supports the bridge started bothering me with discomfort. I guess it is a coincidence just strange that this discomfort appeared at the exact day that I had the upper implant/sinus lift. I do plan to call and see my periodontist, however I was looking for any information before. Thanks!
Hi,@[email protected]
First of all, a little discomfort does not automatically mean the bridge is toast. It could be something that will resolve on its own or a very minor issue. Even if it is not, an infection around one of the implants may be treatable and a broken or loose component cold be replaced or tightened up.
If the implant has failed completely, the other implant could still be used in a new bridge if it is in good health.
The timing of the discomfort is almost certainly coincidental, unless is referred muscle pain due to having your mouth open for so long during he sinus lift.

You are doing the right thing in getting it checked promptly.
Hope it goes well