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Replacing an old filling



Well-known member
Feb 18, 2023
Manchester uk

I just saw a post on here from last year that someone wrote saying they had an old filling replaced but they were in agony while it was being done yet they had a local anaesthetic!

How is that possible ? I really am scared as I need my filling replaced but now I’m more worried 😟
@Natzuk you won't feel a thing if you have anesthetic, when I have had a filling my mouth was numb so I felt nothing. I wouldn't worry about it
How is that possible ?
For some unknown reason; either not enough local given, local put into the wrong place, presence of acute infection making the local less effective or something else. It's nothing to do with the filling being a replacement for an existing one.

In theory at least, replacing a filling should hurt less, the nerve in the tooth has already been a bit traumatised by the original filling and will have sealed itself off a bit from the outside world with some secondary dentine, which would make it a bit less sensitive even without local.