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Requesting extractions/partial denture?



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Jul 28, 2015
It's me again haha, i know this place isn't as busy as it used to be but im hoping I can get some thoughts and opinions.
So roughly around 4-5 months ago I had to go in for a full mouth debriment and a couple of fillings which worked fantastically and made my mouth look healthy again. I was in the process of saving up for a gum graft because the bottom four teeth have virtually no gum left and all the roots are fully exposed at the front and back of the tooth due to gum disease and recession.
Despite religious cleaning twice sometimes three times a day and using mouthwash, the calculus is back with a vengence and so uncomfortable. At least one tooth is lose and the others click, it looks awful and makes every single day a nightmare. Because of my phobia I have to be referred for IV sedation and last time it took nearly 6 months between getting the referral and actually getting the treatment.
Anyways, to get to the point, part of me is questioning whether it would be easier to get the four front bottom teeth removed and a partial denture put in. I am only 22 but this seems like my only option seeing as even with perfect dental hygiene my front bottom teeth are a lost cause.
Any advice/thoughts would be greatly appreciated.
Just to show current teeth x


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do you floss at all? and have you been back to the hygienist for a cleaning? brushing and mouthwash can not take the place of flossing, and even with flossing tartar will build up again which is why people go for professional cleanings. from the picture I only see one tooth that may need a gum graft surgery. if the teeth can be saved I would not get 4 extracted.
I agree with Scaredy try and save your teeth
Thanks guys. When I had my check up he didn't even suggest a cleaning just X-rays in December. I'm guessing this is cause of how anxious I am. He did say that once he does those X-rays if anything needs doing he'll refer me for sedation again but I don't get why he didn't do the X-rays then?
I don't know why they didn't do the xrays, maybe because like you said of how much anxiety you have over it.

I had pretty severe gum disease myself 15 years ago but I kept up with my cleaning appointments after the scaling and root planning and even though I have a few areas where the roots of a couple teeth show I never lost them because of it. I do get a lot of tartar build up too no matter how much I floss so I have to keep up with my appointments.
I did have 1 tooth out because it fractured, and replacing it has been a nightmare, so do think twice about asking for extractions of teeth that don't need to come out.