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Required Tori Removal- Need Help



Junior member
Jun 27, 2021
Charlotte, NC
I have to have the tori bones in the bottom of my mouth removed due to future dental work that unfortunately has to be done and cannot until the bones are removed. Can anyone share their experience? Has anyone had them removed in Charlotte, NC? I’ve also read about laser removal? I’ve been referred to an oral surgeon but I am terrified of the procedure and also the aftercare. I live alone and cannot take any narcotic type pain relievers due to allergies. I have fear and anxiety just thinking about the during and after.


Super Moderator
Staff member
Jul 26, 2017
Sioux Falls, SD
Hello CeeandBree

:welcome: We are glad you are here.. I'm sorry I don't know too much about what you will have done. But certainly many of us understand the anxiety and stress of thinking of new procedures and the aftermatch of how it will go. Did the surgeon explain it much? did you get to meet them? how did you feel about them?

Hopefully they are kind and patient and will take you through the process patiently. and explain.

I do hope someone who understands more about this removal will answer. :grouphug: