Research Requests



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Jan 1, 2005
For those who wish to post a Research Request

Please can you contact us using our Contact Us form and detail...

1. The purpose of the research
2. Who is funding the research
3. What ethics committee has approved the research (if any)
4. Your name, contact details and the name of the institution/university/organisation etc. in which you are located
5. The name and contact details of a supervisor whom we may contact if you are a student

before posting any research requests.

Please note that we will not approve any research requests which are funded by drug/pharmaceutical companies.

Guidelines for those Participating in Research

The following are guidelines to anyone who wants to become involved in any Requests for Research which might appear on the Forum.

1. Think carefully about whether you want to reveal your identity (even if this just your email address). As a general rule it is probably best that research be anonymous but if details are required ensure that they fall under the Data Protection Act.

2. Research is valuable and important, but depending on the nature of the research, it can also be a strain on participants. Always be sure that you are feeling in a good enough place at the time that you get involved.

3. If you have any doubts at all about any aspect of the research then ASK either publicly in the Forum or use the Contact Us Form.
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