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Retained root extraction..very scared



Junior member
Jan 23, 2009
Hi all,

Well about 2 weeks ago I had a tooth removed, its in on the top 4th from the front, this is a tooth I had a lot of decay in and had broken, when my dentist tried to remove the tooth it crumbled, after 25mins and several attempts he said it seem like the root was fused to the bone and he would leave the root behind.

I went for a checkup and small filling on another tooth yesterday, I asked him about the retained root as it is quite big, just above the gum line, he said that as more healing occurs and the gum line recedes that the root will become visable or work its way down, when this happens he will remove it.

im very confused as i thought if its fused to the jaw wont it still be hard to get out, will he be able to get to it without a lot of cutting at the gum? im worried about damage to my jaw and what if he still cant get it out, im terrified as it is.

I have had no pain at all from the retained root, also he couldnt say how long it would be till it needs removing.



Staff member
Verified dentist
Oct 25, 2005
If it breaks the surface it will be better off being removed, as it's a source of infection.

I very much doubt if it will be difficult to extract after a bit of time has passed, roots are generally much easier to remove than complete teeth.