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Ridge where crown meets tooth



Mar 2, 2018
Hi, after a horrible prep procedure I had a permanent crown cemented on last week. It’s on the bottom right first molar.
I can feel a slight ridge on the inside (tongue side) where the crown meets the tooth close to the gum line. Nothing massive but my tongue can feel it.
I’m not sure if this is ok?
It doesn’t feel like there’s a gap or the margins ‘open’ but on the other side of the crown it feels flush against the tooth and there is no obvious ‘join’.

1. Is it ok if I can feel a join, I’m wondering if it could be too much cement or does it mean a bad fit?

2. I have a check up in September could this wait until then to be looked at by my dentist?

🙏 thank you
1) It could be a bit of excess cement, hard to say without looking, could be a poor fit but that would leave an open margin that you'd feel. Perhaps the crown is a bit over built in that area. Easy to fix in either case.
2) If it's not annoying you too much, then yeah, it'll be OK to wait.
Thanks Gordon. It feels almost like it’s overextending the tooth on the inner side. I can’t feel the edges of my other crown I had before.

Are there any telltale signs to tell if the margins open or is this something they’d just have to check over?
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The only thing you could detect would be sensitivity to cold/sweet etc. Even that isn't foolproof, you can occasionally get some sensitivity around a new crown in any event.