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Right lower wisdom tooth extraction next Friday, I am very scared



Junior member
Oct 25, 2011
Hi all,

I posted once again a month ago as I was very scared just attending my checkup appointment. I went again last week. I had an x-ray and my dentist said that my right lower wisdom tooth has a cavity and the roots are a bit inflamed so it's better to remove it. I will need a cleaning and a filling on an upper right tooth, so I will have everything the same day (next Friday) so I don't have to visit the dentist again any time soon.

I am not scared about the cleaning or filling ( had a root canal twice, didn't feel any pain, only uneasiness) but I am scared to death about removing my wisdom tooth. I read that removing bottom wisdom teeth is more difficult than removing upper ones.

My dentist showed me the x-ray and said it's low risk, the roots are far away from the nerve and that it will take him under 5 minutes to take it out (as the tooth is already erupted so no need to cut the gum).

I am very very scared. I can't sleep very well, I don't want to leave home, I only go to work.

I thought of taking natural remedies to calm my nerves (as I cannot afford sedation) but don't know what to take as I cannot find any over the counter medicine that can reduce anxiety fast.

Any advice or support will be nice.

Many thanks

Nobody replied but anyway, I thought I will let everyone know how it went.

I didn't have the cleaning as I was really anxious and I didn't want to wait for half an hour before the filling and the wisdom tooth extraction.

The filling only took 10 minutes, didn't feel anything.

The wisdom tooth took a bit longer than the dentist anticipated as one of the roots was curly and wouldn't come out easily and the dentist didn't want to cut the gum.

I barely felt the injections as he put some numbing gel. I didn't feel any pain but there was pressure and my jaw hurt a bit from the stretch.

All in all, it wasn't that bad, surely not as bad as I thought. Now I am waiting for the anesthetic to wear off to see how it will feel. I already took some ibuprofen just in case.
Glad it went well for you. I was petrified of the dentist and didn't go for 15years. But the last 5months I've gone and had extensive work done. Iam so glad I had the courage to go. My teeth are all crownded and a upper plate fitted. I feel like a new man.!
Well done elenzen! :jump: I'm glad to hear your appointment went well. Sounds like you did great. I wouldn't worry that you didn't get the clean done yet, look at what you did manage to cope with! I'm sure you'll feel able to face the clean soon.

Hope things weren't too uncomfortable for you when the numbness wore off. Just be sure to stick to the post extraction instructions and you'll be healing in no time.

Good luck with your healing! :clover::clover:
Hi PMA1 and Spanna. Thank you for your replies.

It has been uncomfortable and a bit painful after the numbness wore off, but not as painful as I expected. Paracetamol helps a lot. I am on soft food diet until the gum heals completely, the dentist told me that the gum usually heals in 5-7 days. Well done Pma1 for facing your fears! I am the same, I knew that wisdom tooth needed extraction and I kept postponing it. But now it's finally over. I can't wait to eat normal food again!