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Roof of mouth swelling



Junior member
Aug 22, 2019
I have to call my dentist tomorrow and im so scared. Last night my partial felt tight so I took it out. This morning I went to put it in and its not fitting..it seems as though the right side of roof of mouth is maybe swollen a little..it is slightly sore as well. I went out today and bought ibeprofune and something called glyoxide..any other ideas on how to get the swelling down today so I can wear my partial to work tomorrow? Ill still call the dentist but I need a quick fix!
Hi Dorothyuk,
There is no product that will get rid of the swelling if it is due to infection, which is the most likely cause. Sometimes these swelling come to a head and burst like spots and then go down almost instantly. However, if that isn't the case and you are desperate to go to work with your dignity intact you could try putting the denture in as far as it will go and see if it will gradually bed in by displacing the swelling over a few hours. I would be very gentle as you do not want to cause the infection to spread by forcing it in.