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Root canal and swollen gum, history included



Junior member
Aug 2, 2023

I am 32years old, i dont smoke, no drugs and drink barely. Used braces from 2014-2019.
I have autoimune skin disease called lichen sclerosus.

I have anxiety problems with the dentist due to school dentist problems in my early years. I use Vival on my appointments since dentist`s in norway barely use any other options.

Started to get problems with receding gum on my molar right side, got some discomfort hot and cold and swelling in the gum, 2 cm over the teeth`s. Visited dentist and cleaned 5 times this year. This solved the problem for about 2 months each time.

Started to have problems with swelling gum occasionally, went to the dentist 2 times this year to clean, she could not see anything wrong.

Same problem, went to the dentist regularly for check-up and nothing wrong. Started to get frustrated.


This year i had enough with the problem, i went to a new dentist for a second opinion.
He said that premolar has severly external root resorption, but if i dont have any problem with it he would not do anything.(a little sensitive to knocking but no big deal) I talked to him about the gum swelling, e checked everything and noticed a black spot on my canine right side. This could maby be my gum swelling problem. He gave me 3 months and new appointment,

Came to the appointment, Canine was a morning problem, every morning the pain was a 7/10. Felt a sharp pain when biting down. He checked but the black spot had not changed, but i was sent to a Endo Specialist.

Late May
Appointment to the endo with 10MG Vival, he could not see anything wrong on x-ray but did a scan and noticed a internal root resorption, did a root canal. The root canal procedure was painless. The sharp pain was gone but i had a pulsating feeling in the tooth when i trained for 2 weeks, when i went to my dentist to change the filling the pulsating feeling did also go away.

Late June
I have problem with swelling both gum and cheek. It`s not severly but discomfort (5/10) and i had enough.
The swelling is okay in the morning but when i eat or drink coffee it starts right away. The Canine tooth feels weird. I have some discomfort when knocking and when i bite down it feels like the tooth moves, no sensation to hot and cold.

I was to my dentist 01 July, i could not see anything on the x-ray and changed the filling on the root canal tooth, he said he would check the scan that i took when i was at the endo. He called me last friday and said that the scan was okay, no issues. We talked about the possibilites. 1- root canal premolar and molar 2-extract and implant on both of them. But he dont know and would not extract do it due to dentist ethics.

I think like i said before that the root canal was not 100% success due to the internal root resorption, called the endo specialist today. He was on vacation until 7.aug so i will call on monday so he can check the tooth. I dont know if i want to do a second root canal but the only option is extract and implant. Does anyone have some experience due to the swelling of the gum and cheek?