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Root Canal and two extractions done after over 15 yr of not going to dentist



Junior member
May 27, 2012
Root Canal and two extractions done after over 15 yr of not going to dentist

I came across this site a number of years ago after I realized that I was so afraid of going to the dentist it would send me into panic attacks just thinking about it.

I read on this site something called IV sedation and it sounded like the best thing I could have possibly imagined. But because of how severe my anxiety was I still put it off and ignored there was a problem. Until finally met my lovely supportive wife. I admitted to her how bad my anxiety about going to the dentist was and she made me go. Knowing it was the right thing to do.

I met with the dentist and made them aware of just how badly scared I was. And thankfully throughout those years of being diligent on keeping my dental hygiene clean because I refused to go to the dentist, it turned out I only needed 1 root canal and two back teeth pulled.

The day before the surgery they gave me two sleeping pills so I would have a good nights sleep and then a started dosage of the oral sedation. I took the oral sedation an hour before my appointment and was very disappointed and scared when I still felt like I was conscious when my wife dropped me off at the dentist. However they brought me back and continued to give me oral sedation and eventually I became so relaxed that I didn't care what was going on.

The funny thing was for much of the visit I remember but I didn't really feel anxiety, especially during the cleaning and during the root canal part. When they switched over to the pulling of the teeth I became a little apprehensive but when I felt any sort of remote pressure I said something to do the dentist and he made sure to add more local.

After the procedure was over my wife of course drove me home as I was still loopy and unable to walk myself on my own, and even now what I feel much more awake and in control of myself I am not allowed to go anywhere for the rest of the day. :p

Bottom line, after 15 years of letting this cast a shadow over my life, I am finally free! And I am glad I can remember parts of the visit that helps me realize that there is nothing for me to be scared of, so that I can go again and not need the sedation. I am just so happy!!:jump: