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Root Canal Calcification and External Root Resorption



Junior member
Jun 8, 2009
Hi All,
I think over the years i have nearly read all the posts on this forum and have started to create thread but never got around to posting.

I have had chronic pain in my teeth for the past 5 years with a number of explainations. I have been to 5 different dentists and an orthadontist who wanted to do braces and jaw surgery as my bite has changed over these 3 years. I have had a lot of work done such as CEREC onlays and root canals

I recently got referred to an oral medicene pain specialist, after a number of xrays he showed me that in the teeth that have been giving me pain have calcified root canals and the roots have resorbed.

I'm in Australia so not sure of the numbering system there, but they are 15,16,17 and 25,26,27. Top left and right last 3 teeth

I have gotten to a point where i just cant take the pain anymore and it is really limiting my quality of life.

I have made an appointment to get these teeth extracted and bone grafts to reduce the loss of bone over time and possibly for implant supported bridges or partial in the future.

Teeth will be extracted in the chair and will be sectioned to make the extractions less traumatic.

I was a little nervouse going to the pain specialist and didnt ask enough questions, i would like to know why these teeth have calcified and resorbed?

I am 32 and these the teeth with the most calcification and resorbtion are out of occlusion, i also wear a canine guidance night splint as one theory of my pain was clentching.

Also what sort of post op pain can i expect for these extractions?

Thanks for any help:D


Junior member
Feb 7, 2010
over the rainbow

I'm very sorry to hear about your situation. I'm glad you've taken the steps to get it evaluated and you have a plan. I just want to make sure I answer your questions

i would like to know why these teeth have calcified and resorbed?
The root canal system of teeth can calcify for many reasons. Many teeth naturally calcify over time, because dentin is laid down as we age, making our roots inside of our teeth narrower and narrower.

Teeth 25-27 are in the front lower. If you got knocked in your front teeth, even as a kid this can cause external root resorbtion and calcification. The Ligament and cells that hold teeth in place are sensitive to that sort of thing and can decide to do things they aren't supposed to later in life (Like resobring the outside of your tooth)

Also if you have ever had braces as a kid, that slow movement can also cause the cells live around your teeth to turn on you as an older adult.

It's also possible that because you are a clencher at night, that constant compression of the cells around your teeth (osteoblasts/ osteoclasts/fibroblasts) can cause them to resorb the outside surfaces as well.

Ultimately this process of calcification and resorbtion is a bit unpredicatble. We can correlate, but predicting which teeth will happen to is difficult.

Also what sort of post op pain can i expect for these extractions?

I haven't seen the x-rays so I can't tell how easy or difficult they may be. Although if you say they all have external resorbtion, those can be tricky to get out.

A word of advice. If you are ok to take ibuprofen, take 600-800 mg BEFORE you go in for the extraction. This can definately reduce the amount of swelling and discomfort you feel afterwards. Ibuprofen will go into those pathways that produce prostaglandins and other substance that cause pain and block them.

Muscle soreness is another reason why people feel pain after an extraction. Make sure you use moist heat 24 hours after the extraction. Masseter muscles can get sore. Warm showers or compresses can work wonders to untighten those muscles.

Hope this helps!



Junior member
Jun 8, 2009
Hi Marilyn
Thank you very much for the reply.

sorry, i probably didnt clarify enough.

In Australia the teeth numbering is in quadrants, 1 top right, 2 top left etc..

11 first tooth from the centre on the right, 12 is the second and so on

so the teeth in question are the last 3 on the top right and top left 15, 16, 17, 25,26,27

I havnt had orthadontics and the teeth are out of occlusion so is a mystery to me why they are resorbing.

I really trust my dentist, unfortuinatly so do aolot of other people and he generally has a 3 week wait.

Thanks again