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Root Canal dentist hit bone!!!



Junior member
Jan 21, 2024
Please I need to know how serious this is. Recently had a root canal done and during I told the dentist I felt like a shock feeling . He then admitted he hit the bone a couple times.when all said and done he tapped my teeth and the root canal one felt just as bad as when he tapped it before the root canal.. and when tapped now it still feels the same. Don't know what to do. It's only been a couple days. But I'm freaking out.
The idea in doing a root canal is to get the little files through the hole that the never enters through into the tooth (the foramen). This way you get all the infected gunk out of the tooth as far as possible. It's an unfortunate consequence of this that occasionally the file might go to far and contact the boney socket of the tooth.
It's not really a big problem, but it will have caused a bit of inflammation in the area where it happened. A result of this is your immune system taking action, which means it'll pump in some cells and antibodies into the area. It's a very small space so the inflamed area is under a fair bit of pressure. Which is why it hurts when you tap on it.
Hopefully in a few more days it should all resolve, in the meantime some mild painkillers should help. If it gets worse than that then back to the dentist you need to go...