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Root Canal - dentist moved 😞



Junior member
Apr 19, 2024
I had trauma at 14 when I went alone to the dentist. He said I needed a filling, injected one side sent me to the waiting room and when he called me back he drilled the healthy tooth on the opposite side, I tried to stop him but I was ignored. After he finished I told him so he drilled the right tooth and filled it -no apology!
Fast forward to my 20’s I had been ill for sometime when they discovered I was allergic to silver, I had to have all my fillings replaced. Found a great dentist who remained my dentist for at least 20yrs, no matter where I lived I went back to him, until he moved to Ireland 😞.
I eventually had two successive dentists that were good with me, one retired, the other moved several counties away.
During lockdown I had emergency dentistry, two inlays (UL4 UR4) were drilled through to do fillings underneath them??? They had been there 30 years but she was adamant this was needed even though one had no pain.The experience was painful due to poor technique ( leaning heavily on my jaw), I tried to complain - got nowhere. My previous trauma surfaced it took me a year to go back, (she had left the practice). Early 2022 I was told by another dentist at the practice that I had irreversible pulpitis (UL4) and need a root canal but they couldn’t do it.
I was referred to a hospital, saw them in July 2022 where they said it was simple but didn’t fit their criteria so they couldn’t do it.
Chickened out from the dentist for the next 16 months went to another practice got my quote for nhs/private and calmed a bit - the dentist was quite nice, finally plucked up courage today to call and book in, she left the practice.

I’m shaking as I type. How do I check that another dentist is experienced in root canals? I live on the Leicestershire/Warwickshire border and I wish I knew someone recommended here, as I’m starting to get tooth ache UR4, I’m wishing I had never let them drill through my inlays!!
If you're looking for private Oakdale dental has very good reviews in Leicester :)