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Root Canal Done & Still Feeling Some Pain in Tooth



Junior member
Apr 1, 2006
Hi, I am new here. I've been reading other members root canal stories and wondering about my own. It's not like I am new to the root canal route! (hey I can almost joke about it). I have had several over the years, but this one has been the worst as far as solving the problem.

It seemed to take my dentist quite a while to decide to do the root canal even though I was in agony for weeks. How it all started was, I went in for a check up and cleaning and was informed by this dentist (new to me) that I needed two teeth crowned and there was the possibility of one or two root canals. Anway, sure enough after the temporary crowns were done one (bottom molar - right side & most difficult tooth to reach) tooth became a problem while waiting for the permanent crowns. I finally convinced the dentist to do the root canal. Because I have such a small mouth she was worried about being able to do the root canal, but managed. It involved three roots. The tooth was quite tender for a number of days and I thought things were looking pretty good until today. I had something extremely cold to eat and boy did that set it off!!!

I have not told my dentist yet. I have a cleaning still and the crowns have to be permanently cemented in. I am hoping the tooth will settle down. The crown does feel a bit to high. Could this be causing the problem?

Please help!!!
Re: Root Canal Done & Still Feeling Some Pain in T

The tooth being too high in the bite is certainly not a good thing, can't see why it would make the tooth cold sensitive though.
Re: Root Canal Done & Still Feeling Some Pain in T

So it's a temporary crown still on the tooth? I'd have it adjusted to take it out of the bite firstly, but also there might be an extra canal in the tooth that the dentst couldn't find - as you say, access is difficult. I'd want the tooth completely pain free before cementing the crown permanently. Maybe you're dentist needs to have another wee look at the tooth to see if there are any wee extra canals lurking about?

That's only my view, based on the info available, and I haven't seen your tooth or x-rays etc... I'm certainly not having a go at your dentist. There are specialist root-canal dentists out there who use microscopes and all such stuff to find extra canals in teeth. Personally, if that's what bakes your cakes, then fine - I take my hat off to specialist endodontists ;D But I couldn't be doing with that all day!

Obviously if the cold-induced pain was just a one-off, then it might settle fine. If not consider letting your dentist have another look inside it, or refer you to a specialist.

Gosh, i seem to be waffling today. Hope that helps though.

Pars :)
Re: Root Canal Done & Still Feeling Some Pain in T

:jump:Tooth has finally settled down!!! I don't know why it took so long, but it did. I think it was very infected. I have to go back to the dentitst in a couple of weeks for the final cementing of the crowns. I will get her to check it first. However, it seems okay. Thanks for all the help. I appreciate it.