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Root canal filing fallen out



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Aug 13, 2010
Hi everyone. I had a molar root canal 8yrs ago that’s been filled with a white filing until now (as tooth was in very good condition when root canal done)
yesterday part of the filling fell away and I’ve made an appt with dentist for Monday. But I am worried it will need crowning now as she has mentioned in the past that she wouldn’t redo a filing but replace with a crown! I do have some issues with dentists (anxiety) after what happened 8 yrs ago resulting in the tooth needing a root canal! I’m just so scared of having a crown and wondering can they just redo a filling on a root canaled tooth?

Sorry to hear your filling fell out , that is scary, I've had that happen too many times , its really good you are getting in on Monday to have it looked at. One step at a time. Maybe she might change her mind if she sees its not a complicated filling or fix? But either way, its hard when you have dental anxiety. Its hard to even step through the door sometimes . Is there anything specific about a crown you are scared of ? (says the one who has all crowns in her mouth and plenty of fear along the way) I hope that whatever happens they can make it easy for you and do it in much compassion and care and I also hope that you can get some quick relief to any pain and discomfort until then!!
Thankyou for the reply! I never used to be scared of dentists until I had all the probs with this particular tooth 8yrs ago that resulted in my having a dying tooth for 6 months that about 3 dentists refused to believe me that it was dying! I was in agony for months! When the dentist finally did the root canal she didn’t even numb me the tooth was that dead! What worries me the most I think is I have issues if I have anything done in my mouth it throws my bite off something awful! Then I think about 8 yrs ago and all the pain again! ? I literally feel sick thinking about it!

Let us know how your appt goes today. Thinking of you and hoping they can give you a good option and compassionate care!
Hi the appointment today went much better than my apprehension of how it would go! Dentist was lovely she listened to my concerns about getting a crown but said she feels I need one! She agreed for me to wait till after my holiday in 4 weeks so she did a temporary filling (as the bit that’s fallen off Is just at the back of the tooth) not the main part of the tooth! She also x-rayed it to check for any infections/ cracks in root canal.
So I feel a bit better that hopefully I can get it resolved in June x

Oh.. so glad you could get some temporary relief and even though she feels you eventually need a crown you have some time to process on that and not jump into into it in an anxious place.. before you travel!! Sounds like she was pretty nice about the whole thing too and really listened to your concerns.. that is lovely! I hope it all stays well and works good until you get back.. I've had well every tooth in my made into a crown so if you ever want support ..i'm here :).and there are lots of us who will support you
Thanks for the support. I will def get it crowned I just needed time to think About it all and process the information! I do read a lot about things before I have them done too! Not sure if that’s a good or bad thing?
I just needed time to think About it all and process the information! I do read a lot about things before I have them done too! Not sure if that’s a good or bad thing?

Good is everything that makes you feel better, more prepared and less worried. Bad - or better to say unhelpful - is everything that makes you worry more and heightens your anxiety. :)
Glad to read that you have a supportive dentist who adresses your concerns.