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Root Canal finished - space from apex



Nov 8, 2022
England UK

My root canal was filled up today, once the x-ray was taken at the end my dentist told me one of the canals is 4mm short of the apex, they consider anything over 2mm to impact the longevity of the tooth, could lead to possible breakage or failure of the root canal.

She pretty much gave me three options and I’m a bit stuck, she said either she’ll go back in and try and deepen that canal (ideally after going through all of it I’d rather not go through it again - but if this is the best option it is what it is), leave it alone and see whether I have any issues with it or they can refer me to a specialist to have a look, she has said that the canals may be bent etc hard for her to do

Any ideas on what I should do, is 4mm gap bad?

It's not great, personally I'd leave it for a bit and see how it goes. If it was to be re-treated I'd want the endodontist to do it. Redoing canals on molars is tricky.