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Root canal gone wrong?



Feb 1, 2020
norwich, norfolk, uk
Hi! I had a long-planned root canal on Wednesday. My dentist seems to have a longer waiting list than ever these days and I was really glad when I finally sat in his chair. Sweating with nerves, but hoping to get it over as soon as possible! As this tooth had had the inner wall break off a few years ago, he'd been filling and re-filling it for all that time and when he finally did the root treatment, he said he could only find one proper canal and a bit of another one. So he said he'd done the best he could and had tried to drill down as far as possible. So I felt great when I left, thinking it was finally done!

Today however, while visiting my partner in hospital, it started to throb pretty badly and by the time I got home (just a few minutes ago), it had got much worse. I've now taken some Co-Codamol and Ibuprofen and hope that it will settle it down. I probably have to bring my partner home tomorrow, but think I may have to try and see the dentist again first! I don't think I could handle this pain over the weekend, although I've seen that the pain should be gone in about three days. But does the throbbing mean that something has gone wrong with it? Or should I just 'bite the bullet' and hope it settles? Thanks for any help you can give me!
Sorry I've been away on emergency Grandad duty. What happened next?
Well it eventually settled after a few more doses of painkillers. By the next morning it had mostly settled down and the throbbing stopped.