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Root canal half done & terrified to continue



Junior member
Sep 21, 2023
Please help...2 days ago I went for root canal treatment. I've had a lifelong strong fear of the dentist...terrifying experience with gas for an extraction as a child and a phobia of all needles. I had a wonderful, patient dentist who retired recently and have been seeing my new dentist for about 6 months. Anxiety raised when I had to have an extraction...developed infection, 2 rounds of antibiotics, dentist opened wound and there were bits of loose bone that he had to remove. Finally healed but multiple needles, pain, etc sent me straight back up the fear factor rating but worse was to come. Returned for root canal treatment a few weeks ago and two attempts to freeze the area led to adrenaline going into my bloodstream...palpitations, horrible feelings through arms and legs. Still don't understand how it happened but I broke down and left without any treatment. Returned 2 days ago. Injected on the inside & outside of the tooth, applied rubber dam which took me all my resilience to withstand as I felt really claustrophobic. Suddenly I felt liquid in my mouth & throat and very strong smell of bleach. Dentist quickly sat me up, poured lots of water into my mouth to dilute it then had me drink lots of water. It was terrifying and I thought I was dying. After lots of water, I was shaking like a leaf, crying & said I couldn't continue. He patched up the open tooth and wants me back next week to complete it. I just can't do it. My mouth & throat are raw and uncomfortable, I was literally choking on the bleach and just can't bear the thought of any more treatment. I want to ask...What are my options? Can I leave it just with the temporary dressing on and hope it doesn't fall out? If I have to go back, can it be done without bleach (it was Milton's bleach that he used???), can I ask to be sedated? Sorry for the long post but the way I am feeling atm, I may never be inside a dental surgery again
I'm afraid you either need the tooth extracted or the root canal finished, leaving it is just asking for major pain at some inconvenient point along the road.
Sedation would be a great help, ask if you can be referred for IV if your own dentist doesn't offer it.