Root Canal in front tooth is to thin for filling!


Louise Morrison

Junior member
Oct 12, 2009
The crown on my front tooth snapped off taking the bottom part of my tooth with it. The dentist has stuck it back in with 2 posts but says it will not last and I will need an implant as the root canal is to tiny to fill. I went to see a endodontist who said maybe it was possible to fill but he wasn't sure. I saw a third dentist who said the same. Would it be better in the longer term to go with an implant. I had a ct scan and was told I had enough bone for it to be done. I am 60 years old but fit and healthy. I have to be very careful with the tooth and cannot bite on it as it doesn't feel very secure.:(


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Oct 25, 2005
Implant would be more likely to be successful than heroics with a root canal :) If you can afford one, I'd be inclined to go down that route.

The risk is that if the root canal fails then it could cause enough damage to the bone as to compromise the chances for the implant later.