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Root Canal & IV sedation success!!!



Junior member
Jun 4, 2018
What kept me comfort through my intense fear was hearing some other stories, so I thought I would share mine.
Back in April, i was told I needed a root canal. I was afraid, but i had never really had a fear of dentists before so it wasn't a huge deal for me. Well, apparently i was the a rare case because they didn't realize I had an infection, they didn't realize I wouldn't freeze. I won't get into detail, but she wouldn't really listen to me and i felt the drill, and then that was it for me. my worst fear. drills, vibrating. if you are needing a root canal, just ask for antibiotics anyway. better to be safe than sorry!!
so i ran out of the office crying promised to never go back there. i quickly found a new fancier dentist that i knew offered sedation, which I would need.
This is now May. The sedation girl comes once a month with them so I booked an appointment. I was excited to get it done at this point. The day before my procedure my dentist gets in for a surgery he's been waiting for. So i have to wait another month. June comes around and i was now on antibiotics for the second time for my appointment. A cold hits me two days before and I am so upset. I have been so scared and I just wanted it done. They told me since I am going under IV sedation, i would have problems breathing if i'm sick so I better reschedule. I was mad, but sort of relieved because this is where the fear gets worse for me. July comes too quickly and my body hadn't had a chance to recover from the rounds of antibiotics. I feel sick and my doctor tells me to wait one more month for my health. So i reschedule until August. NOW I AM TERRIFIED. this has been so worked up the fear is unexplainable. I am in vegas with my mom and my appointment was in two days and we were to fly home the next day. I get a text from my dentist. My RN who is supposed to do the IV sedation is sick. So september 21st is the day.
I was so scared, I honestly said "i would rather give birth, break a bone, anything" I did not want dental work done, and I had never been under sedation before so that fear of the unknown was lingering as well.
Well... September 21st was yesterday. AND I AM sooo relieved to tell you it's done. I cried all morning. At this point I was hoping they'd cancel but I knew it needed to be done.
For everyone who is nervous, I will go into detail so you know.
The nurse put the iv in which was annoying but i am not overly afraid of needles so for me this wasn't too bad. I cried but that was from all the other fears. That was one checked off the list.
To be honest, I was nervous of how I would feel on the sedation, I hate feeling out of control but they assured me I would relax. So she tells me "I am going to administer the sleepy drug now." It slowly kicks in and I start giggling saying "Sorry I just feel a bit tired" and thats literally all I remember. I woke up, my brother pretty much carried me out, I think I hit my head on the car:) but I Was so happy to be done. It honestly was like a blink. It felt like I had been asleep for 5mins. no pain. I Was high, happy and I think embarrassed myself a bit. I called my car dealership to ask them things (no recollection of that conversation but I know i did it Lol) I had lunch which I hardly remember. I wasn't tired until I laid in the bath and my husband came in to hear me snoring, so i slept for a few hours that night then went for dinner!
Honestly, if you are afraid of anything, get the sedation. if you are scared of IV sedation, don;t be. it was so easy and I would 100000x do it again.
hope this helps!
:jump::jump::jump: So happy it went so well !!

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