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Root canal needed, Cardiff



Junior member
Oct 20, 2013
I need to find a dentist for my 19 year old daughter, currently a student in Cardiff. She is in tears as soon as her bum is on the dentist's chair. I have always gone with her for moral support and have been surprised by the insensitivity of some staff (I am a nurse myself and know full well that nobody chooses to be a nervous wreck in these situations). The problem is escalating. I tried to find her hypnotherapy treatment before leaving home but this is quite rural and I didn't succeed. Now the need for root canal has reared its ugly head. This just couldn't have come at a worse time. She is following a very demanding course and free time is scarce so I need to get her a dentist in Cardiff rather than have her come home for treatment. I will go to Cardiff for her appointment. She had an emergency consultation and they cleaned the tooth out but not really as thoroughly as needed because of the state she got into - mouth shaking too much, floods of tears etc, really horrible for her. She has 1 week of antbiotics but I doubt very much that the tooth will be ready for the full treatment because of lack of proper preparation. Please help!! Where can we go??

We have a recommendation for Cardiff here which is worth a try:

All the fancy tools and gadgets in the world won't help if the people using them are insensitive and not interested in helping someone who is nervous. Unfortunately there are a lot of insensitive people out there and there are also people who are just not suited to working with nervous patients (as a nurse, I'm sure you've probably come across one or two ;)). Fortunately, there are also a lot of dentists around who are very patient, willing to listen and who want to help. Sometimes all it takes is to see someone who will listen, won't judge and who will take the time needed to make sure you feel comfortable.

I hope your daughter manages to get her tooth sorted out soon. She's more than welcome to post here on our forum for support if she would like to :).

Best of luck :clover:.