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root canal nightmare from bad dentist, it was my first root canal dont know if this is normal!



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Sep 2, 2015
root canal nightmare from bad dentist, it was my first root canal dont know if this is normal!

I just had a root canal done about 1 month ago, gum was abcessed and I went to the nearest dentist after my job........ I knew I needed a root canal so I paid 600 to have the process started..... then the crown would cost 700 1st first xrays and start of root canal. said to come back in 1 week. I still have a tiny hole in gums with puss............I oil pull coconut oil and put clove oil on my gums , something I read helps........ I came back then he re cleaned the tooth and put some filling in........... still had puss in gums told me to come back in a week, I asked for anti biotics because of the puss, he did............. It seem to have stopped the infection. ............ next was the molding of my tooth, this is where have gave me a temp crown........... told me to come back in a week. now the puss is not there anymore, so its getting better............ I come back, he says I have your tooth, im excited, then he takes off the temp crown, and I realized the temp crown went pretty high into my gum line and it was bleeding like where the temp crown was, so he says hes got to make an adjustment for the crown, but hes going away on vacation.... for 2 weeks............. is there a danger to have a temp in for 3-4 weeks? Im worried about getting gum disease now.............. so now, im stuck with a temp crown that doesnt really hurt, and my infection is gone, I think, but Im worried about receding gum line due to a temp crown thats into the gum line I dont know if its normal or not, are there dangers of having in a temp for 1 month???
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Jun 24, 2015
Re: root canal nightmare from bad dentist, it was my first root canal dont know if this is normal!

Hi Broke!

I currently have a temp molar crown. I've had it on for 4 weeks now as my perm crown was not yet ready and back from the lab as of last week ( which is when my appt to have the perm crown seated was scheduled for). For several long winded reasons that I won't bore you with, I'm rather hesitant to place the perm crown anyway as I'm worried I'll need a root canal. So far, the tooth feels much better with the temp crown (it was cracked down both sides - craze lines, not deep cracks but it ached from a wide, bad filing last year for MONTHS).


My Dentist, who I would consider an excellent practitioner, advised me that it was perfectly ok to wait for up to 8-12 weeks with a temp *as long as it remained seated and did not get loose or have weak margins*. She inspected it last week just to make sure it was still in good shape (it is :D). I'm still on temp and will be for another three weeks (assuming it does not pop off or need RC).

Also, I wanted to tell you that as I understand it, they *want* the margins to be just below the gum line for the perm crown...there's some process she used with what looks like string (dental retraction chord I believe it was called) to get your gums to pull away from the tooth during the crown prep - this makes the gums rather sore, BUT it helps the dentist to get much more accurate impressions for your crown. Trust me, the very temporary soreness (not pain, just tenderness generally) from the work at the gum-line is well worth it to get a crown with a great fit.

All of this is just my opinion, of course. If you have concerns, you should consult your dentist directly. And if your temp becomes loose or pops off, get an appointment with his relief dentist immediately.:jump: