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Root canal on one molar the day after the extraction of another?



Junior member
Dec 19, 2013
So yesterday I had an extraction for an upper molar that broke down the gum line (it had a root canal done but never got a crown and that's why it broke I guess) ...I'm supposed to get a root canal on a lower molar same side as the extraction, I'm going out of the country in 3 so I called them and asked if they could move the root canal for sooner (original appt was on March 7th) because I don't want to fly with a temporary filling since I've read horrible pain stories because of change on air pressure, the put me on a waiting list and today about 1 hours ago called to say somebody cancel and if I wanted to go, I said yes but now I'm wondering if that was a smart move ...I'm not in a lot of pain for the extraction but it's it ok to have a root canal performed so soon after the other procedure? What are your thoughts people
If they are prepared to do it and you have no problems there is no reason not to. They can do fillings etc on more than one tooth in one session so you will be fine. If they think when they see you there is a reason not to do the rct they will let you know and refuse to carry on. If they see no problem then it will be fine.