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Root Canal Questions - Post Procedural Questions



Junior member
Feb 17, 2017
Good morning! I have a few questions regarding a recent root canal I had done.

I had a large spot of decay that developed upper last molar (i believe it's #2?) on my right side. I didn't have any pain, but when I went to the dentist for x-rays, he referred me to an endodontist and told me to get the root canal done right away. No problem - went to the endodontist, and got another x-ray which showed the beginning of an abscess and confirmed the need for the root canal. I am 27 and this is my first root canal.

I received the first part of my root canal treatment about 4 weeks ago. The procedure itself was painless-- no issues at all.. just general soreness after he was finished. I went back a few days ago for another appointment, where he further cleaned the canals and irrigated them. The endodontist told me that i had a particularly curvy root that he wanted to take time with so that he didn't compromise the quality of the treatment or break the tooth, so I have to go back two more times before he can finish.

My tooth did not hurt to bite on before the procedure -- now, I cannot chew on that tooth, after both appointments so far. I do understand it's been through some trauma and discomfort is normal. I have no sensation to hot or cold, but, when I run my tongue along the inner edge of my tooth, I have a bit of a tingly pain that is just a new sensation for me. If I press into the tooth, same feeling. When i'm brushing my teeth and I reach that tooth, sometimes I feel it and sometimes I don't. The doctor did adjust my bite the second time around and didn't seem to have much to say about my symptom.

My question is - can this sensation be caused by the inflamed ligament? What's typical for healing time? What was your experience with your tooth? I'm making myself nuts reading all sorts of things online and am nervous that it's a crack and i'll have to have the tooth extracted! :( What is normal??

Thank you!!:)
A root canal procedure can oftentimes cause inflammation at the apex (root end) of the tooth. It is this inflammation that causes the pain and discomfort afterwards. Everyone heals a bit differently but most people notice significant improvements in the first two weeks after the root canal has been completed. It can take a month or two before the tooth feels totally back to normal.