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Root Canal questions



Junior member
Dec 4, 2021

A tooth I had a big filling in now hurts to bite on and pulsates at times so I made my dentist aware today.

Anyway she did the cold test etc and detemined the nerves must of been affected and said it will need RCT.

As I have found a dentist I really do trust now I feel as if I can do this of course I will be nervous but with the right place and people I feel like this is a good choice.

Just a couple of questions
Will they remove the previous filling I had before doing the RC?

Also this tooth is just slightly loose right now not majorly just a tad. Could this make it less mobile or even not mobile?

Hi Danielpne,
In most cases we do not remove the whole filling, instead we make a hole in the middle of the filling to do the root treatment though, then seal it up at the end of treatment.
Yes, if the cause of the slight looeness is inflammation from the nerve, then it may well tighten up once the treatment is complete.

Thank you! When they place my crown will they then remove the filling?

Probably not. The will most likely reshape the tooth and place the crown over the tooth and filling.