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Root canal retreatment - should I have to pay?

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Jun 6, 2006
Hi everyone
I recently had to have a root canal on my upper central incisor because the nerve became damaged during the fitting of a veneer (in hindsight I wish I had never touched the damn tooth!)
I carefully researched the dentist I asked to do my root canal and ensured I used someone reputable who was recommended to me personally. The dentist was lovely - very careful not to do the procedure before being totally sure it was necessary, and it all went fine.
I had a week of sensitivity following the procedure, and then one month competely pain free - amazing, as I'd had pain in that tooth for a year.
And then suddenly the pain was back. Slightly different to the pain I had before, but still very much a toothache - I was so gutted, I really didnt want to go back :(
I went back to see him and he was really sympathetic and took an xray - it showed nothing, no infection, and the root canal looks good, filled right up to the very end. But he explained that even in front teeth which are easier to do as they have just one canal, there can be tiny little deltas which can barely be seen and are very difficult to fill - it's possible that there is some tissue in one of these which has been missed. He gave me antibiotics (no charge) to see if they would help but advised retreatment would be necessary if not. One week later and the pain is the same, so I guess I need it redone :(
I will phone him to discuss this week, but just so I'm prepared, can anyone advise whether they think I should be expecting the dentist to do this for free? I do not think he is incompetant, I understand that sometimes even well done root canals can fail - but should I have to pay for this? I just want to be prepared for the discussion and know what to expect.
Thanks so much,

I love that name.

I've had a lot of root canals done by my general dentist over the years. I have also needed a few retreatments. One thing I've been told when my dentist has referred me to the endodontist is she doesn't want to redo it since she might have missed the extra canal.
As for doing it for free, I'm not sure. I know on the papers that get signed before getting it done it talks about there being no guarantees and retreatment may be a result. No harm in asking though.

Good luck.
Thanks for your response - my dentist is doing it for free, thank god! He is really surprised it hasn't worked as it is unusual on a front tooth - I'm just praying it works this time!
Glad to hear your dentist is redoing it for free. Good luck! :)
I know this is so long ago but did the retreatment end up solving the issue ?