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Root canal retreatment



Feb 15, 2011
So I got a root canal retreated on my front tooth on april 21. It felt fine after the soreness went away and then it started to throb sometimes and ache. I went back to the Endo on Friday and she did a 3D X-ray to make sure there was no fracture. There wasn’t. She said even tho it didn’t show a fracture it doesn’t mean there isn’t one. It could just be so small.
She suggested I go back tomorrow and they will put antibiotic directly in my canal that will last 4 weeks. She said if the pain still is there after that I might need the tooth pulled.
Idk if I should wait a little bit before I have them mess with it again. It doesn’t hurt constantly and it didn’t hurt at all yesterday. Plus I have a small fracture on my crown and I’m afraid if she started to drill it will break.
I’m considering rescheduling the appt to next Thursday since I already have time off work. My bf and I were going to hang out today and I just don’t want to stress out
What is it you want to know? I can't see a question there, even with my reading glasses on :)
What is it you want to know? I can't see a question there, even with my reading glasses on :)
I guess just an opinion of would it be normal to feel any type of pain 3 weeks after a root canal retreatment? And is it smart for them to put antibiotic in the canal or leave it alone and see what happens?
Hi sagittariusgirl89,
Root canals can be a little unpredictable and you can get pain this long after one on occasions. I don't see any harm in rescheduling your appointment as you suggested.

Hope it all settles down