Root Canal Symptoms and X-Rays



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Jun 23, 2015

I have a question.

My two front lower teeth #s 24 and 25 have been having root canal symptoms recently. The left one #24 started first. The tooth became chipped when I was eating. The pain started gradually and intermittent at first and then became worse and worse and constant. Now both teeth have pain with hot and cold liquids and foods, sharp pain with hot and cold, the tooth throbs and pain lingers after hot and cold, a constant toothache and pain with biting and chewing.

I saw my dentist two weeks ago. He examined these and the nearby teeth, took x-rays and testing the teeth with endo ice. Both #24 and #25 were positive testing to the endo ice and positive with the tapping on the teeth.

He said the x-rays look fine. No signs of disease or illness other than the one tooth being chipped.

He referred me to the endodontist for a consultation and root canal treatment and sent the x-rays to them. The doctor looked them over and he also sees no problems on the x-rays I was told on the phone.

I'm scheduled for a consult with the endodontist in one month.

I'm just wondering what might be the diagnosis for these teeth?

Also, despite nothing showing on the x-rays would the endodontist likely recommend a root canal treatment anyway?

These teeth are just hurting a lot. I'm stressed and anxious not knowing what will happen.

Thank you for any help.



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Oct 25, 2005
Difficult to add anything useful. Best to wait for the specialist to take a look I'm afraid.