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Root canal tooth Discomfort



Junior member
Jul 29, 2020
United States
Good afternoon, I got a root canal a few months ago and the crown never felt like it 100% fit right. Maybe something with the bite. I am scheduled to go into the dentist soon to have that looked at, but recently I noticed the tooth has been feeling different. I don’t know exactly how to describe it. It doesn’t hurt, but I experience a little jolt in it, maybe? It’s a similar sensation to before I had the root canal and it was sensitive to cold, except without the pain. I’ve been getting that jolt sensation a few times a day. And then yesterday it started to feel achy. It doesn’t feel sensitive to biting down or anything, but just on its own every so often throughout the day it will just ache a little. Then goes away.

Any thoughts on what could be going on? Is it a pretty likely that this means it failed?
More likely it's the bite being off that's causing it.