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Root canal tooth extraction



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Jun 13, 2014
I'm desperate for some advice & hoping to have my mind out at ease. Due to COVID & issues around our dentist amalgamating, we hadn't been seen for 3 years. My dentist is new & very young. He told me I needed the replacement filling done plus another filling needed redoing & an old root canal tooth needs extracting. We agreed on fillings first. I came in last week for the fillings after working myself up ready for it, very anxious. As I say down, he said he was doing the extraction. That lead to me having a panic attack & nearly puking on his floor. Apparently the receptionist has booked it wrong. After a battle I managed to get him to do the fillings. Despite me telling him how I nervous I was, he wasn't very reassuring at all. The nurse was amazing though. I'm due to go back next week for the extraction but I'm terrified now & am considering asking if I can reschedule to maybe August. It had a crown on it but it came off, it's had root canal done on it over 10 years ago. He said the tooth is decayed all the way through. Will I be ok to reschedule and wait a bit till my nerves calm down? I'm also worried because it's a root canal tooth and obviously might be complicated. A part of me just wants it done and out the way but at the same time I'm so scared of it going wrong. I've been having anxiety attacks all weekend because of it.
Oh so sorry you get your courage up and then something throws you .I too am due a root canalled molar extraction supposed to be today but they just cancelled to next week !😟You can only do what you feel,personally I would say go for it if you possibly can but you might feel better waiting.Are you in any pain?A delay of a few weeks probably won’t hurt. Sorry your dentist is not very empathic.
So sorry to hear of your experience. I’m in a similar boat and have been such an anxious wreck. However fortunately my brother and father have both had teeth pulled and implants put in and this is what they’ve BOTH said (and so many others online) pulling a tooth is quick and painless! Firstly they don’t just pull, they carefully ease it side to side and then a little encouragement and they come out! Because your mouth is numb (like when you had your filling) you don’t know anything, don’t feel any pain, just pressure apparently!

Also, it’s just time that it comes out, it’s ready to come out and it’s lovely we can have these procedures done without pain :) the joys of being numb! Can you imagine needing something done and NOT having access to the only thing that makes the procedure a breeze!

I sound all confident, of course I’m not, but the truth is from the two people who mean the world to me and who I’ve asked to be totally honest with me say, it doesn’t hurt.

Go online for reviews of dentists and you’ll see just how many people have teeth pulled daily, it’s sooo common. Implants too! It’s probably why your dentist seemed so casual and not bothered. If you pull teeth constantly it’s a simple quick process that doesn’t matter..

The thought is the problem, not the actual procedure. The procedure doesn’t hurt, the thought hurts.

Imagine explaining to someone how having your nails clipped doesn’t hurt… but it’s part of your body it MUST hurt! Well it doesn’t because there isn’t any nerves! Like when you’re numb, there aren’t any signals being sent anywhere, they’re just chilling.

So here I am, in an anxious mess sounding confident, but you aren’t here to hear about someone’s anxiety, you’re here for the truth and this is what I’ve been told and have read.

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Great post Tomo,
Helped me too
Another helpful tip I'd like to share is watching a YouTube video of a tooth extraction. Despite initial hesitations, seeing how gentle and quick the process can be helped ease my concerns and dispel inaccurate fears that I had swirling around my mind. After all, the procedure isn’t painful, it’s your mind that is in most pain at the moment.
@panicannie it will come right out where it's a root canal, I just had one done. Don't put it off, have it done and it will all be behind you