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Root Canal treated tooth hurting



Junior member
Apr 22, 2017
Hi all,

I have a tooth that's been treated with a root canal and was finished just over a year ago. I've been cruising along fine until about a month ago when I noticed it was becoming a little tender. I went to my dentist, he took an x-ray and said he couldn't see any sign of infection in the tooth. He also said if it continues to feel tender I would have to go to a specialist or just get it extracted. He ended up taking the bite down a little and sending me on my way but that only seemed to help for a day or two then the tenderness was back.

So I next got put on a 5 day course of antibiotics and this has not helped either. Now it feels abit achey, but I almost can't tell if it's the tooth or a headache. I can't pinpoint the source of the ache.

I really would like to keep this tooth, as I already have two missing molars behind it and it would render one side of my mouth almost useless.

Is there any reason why he wouldn't open it back up and re-treat it himself? It's a premolar (1st one after the canines, lower left). I'm also about to get an upper denture and really don't want to deal with a lower extraction right now. Thoughts would be appreciated.
Presumably he thinks he did the best job he could manage before, so no point in trying again. Would be worth asking a specialist to at least look at it to see if they think it was worth retreating the tooth.