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Root canal Tuesday and flight at Christmas



Junior member
Dec 6, 2014
I'm due too have a root canal next Tuesday and fly out at Christmas a long flight
my dentist said he would do the first part and second part when I get back to the UK
however of he is just cleaning out ant putting a cleaning solution in the tooth will be air tight
so when on the flight won't it cause pressure in the tooth as its hollow and no where for the air to go surly that would cause pain in the tooth

1 . Is it best waiting until I come back too have it done

2. Shall I tell him complete both stages one and two before flying

i don't want pain I looked on the world health site WHO and that recommended not too fly until all RCT treatment completed very confused
it may be that the dentist plans to clean the canal and dress it with a medicament such as calcium hydroxide.
It would perhaps be better to complete the treatment but there isnt much time and overall you are better having the canal cleaned out sooner rather than later.
why not discuss your travel plans and concerns with the dentist and see what they think