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Root Canal wait time



Junior member
Feb 24, 2024
Hey everyone! First time posting here after browsing the net trying to find somewhere.

In December, part of filling came lose which I had fixed up in January(as I had an appointment anyway) - but the pain remained and I went for an emergency appointment, had an xray and the dentist said it looks like I'll need root canal treatment, so they put a "temporary dressing filling" and I was told to make an appointment for further investigation and then start treatment.
I haven't been able to make the next appointment because my dentist is leaving and they have to put me with "someone else"
I'm really concerned that it's going to get worse, I already have anxiety, so stuff like this doesn't help - esp when the dentist says things like I have to watch out for abysses etc
Thank you for listening to my ramble
Hi CosmicWelsh,

what a bummer with your dentist leaving. What exactly did they say - will they call you once they have an appointment for you or are you supposed to get in touch?
If you can I'd call them and ask for an update on the situation, just to ensure nothing has gone wonky/they've forgotten to book you with the replacement.

As far as I know (and I'm no expert 🙃) RCT appointments can be longer than the usual fillings etc, so bookings can sometimes be a bit harder to find as they require longer empty time slots on their books - obviously each place is different and this may not be the case at yours (I just know the dentist I was given was busy (my usual is also leaving), and he said 2hr slots are harder to get, my wait was well over a month).