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Root Canal..waiting for consultation



Jul 20, 2022
Los Angeles
Hi all. I am back. This summer I posted because it was a hard, nightmare of a summer with all the pains I had. I ended up having a RC. I started to have discomfort on the opposite lower side of my mouth a few weeks ago and saw my general dentist on Sat because I've been having heat sensitivity, and sometimes cold sensitivity too..mixed in with slight twinges here and there.. and now, I'm afraid to eat on that left side. He took x rays and said it looked fine, that maybe the gum was aggravated but that heat isn't a good sign typically and to see the endo I saw over summer, if it didn't clear in 2-3 weeks. So I was being proactive, as scared as I am, and called the endo today (who I really like - he is great at what he does and I trust him, and for my nerves - that is important). They are full for one entire month and cannot see me for a consultation until 11/23 (with the disclaimer that if I am in the pain that I was in during summer, call them right away). I am a really anxious person, I tend to over worry and ruminate. I am SO scared, I can't sleep at night with my worries. The not knowing is hard, as well as all the "what if" scenarios bc I can't be seen yet but feel these symptoms. All I think about is my tooth because when I eat, it's on my mind. I don't know how to stop the thoughts but that's for another forum, sorry.

Anyway. So at this time - it's currently feeling like discomfort and something doesn't "feel" right on that side. I thought it was feeling swollen a tad but it doesn't appear that way, so that could possibly be my anxiety kicking in. Or maybe it's starting to idk. I am afraid to eat on that side with anything warm/hot so I am avoiding that.

This tooth was also crowned 4 years ago (and at the time, I saw an endo as well, since it was a deep filling that was being turned into a crown..and he said a RC wasn't necessary at the time). I don't know why this happened all of a sudden.

My questions:
If there was an urgent situation, would the x ray have shown that? Is there anything to recommend during this wait period? Any words of comfort from anyone who's been in a similar situation?

Thank you for any words you can offer
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If there was an urgent situation, would the x ray have shown that?
Not really. Urgent issues will be shown up by our old friends, acute pain, swelling etc.

Is there anything to recommend during this wait period?
From a dentist POV, nothing really. It'll either get worse in which case the Endo will see you or it'll not, in which case it's fine to wait a few more weeks. There's literally nothing you can do which will influence this :)
@Gordon Okay thank you! If that side feels "heavy" but I also think it's my anxiety ah. So I will do what I can do for now to maintain my mental health (since that's in my control). Thanks so much for your perspective..waiting is SO hard but your last comment helps. TY!